One word .ai domains

Okay, so .ai domains can be annoying because their reg fee is $70/year and they require a minimum 2-year registration from the get-go. A lot of one word .ai domains are being marked as premium domains and are starting at something like $20,000+ (I know!).

AI is obviously hot right now so if a .ai domain fits what you’re doing, go for it — but I wouldn’t register these for the heck of it.

(Just for the ridiculousness of premium domains: and are both listed at $21,500 and is listed at $29,500. If you’re not familiar with premium domains, these aren’t being re-sold at those prices, these are prices set by the registries on unregistered domains they think they can get more $$$ for.)

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Wednesday morning shuffle

Paul Graham wrote this on domains back in 2015. It’s still a great read and it’s the premise behind Ungrabbed. You can have a good .com for your startup for just the registration fee.

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It all starts with a hello

Hello! Finding a good name is hard. Finding an available domain is even harder. Enjoy and build something cool!

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